Flexible Piezoelectric Acoustic Sensor

  Voice user interface (VUI) is the most straightforward and intuitive human-machine interface for the future AIoT era. HAND's smart acoustic sensor is based on unique flexible piezoelectric materials and device structure, which mimics a human cochlea organ, basilar membrane (BM).

  Our group has developed the multi-channel acoustic sensor showing highly sensitive recognition of human voice frequency band over 0.1 ~ 8 kHz. In particular, our miniaturized smart acoustic sensor has up to 28 times more sensitivity compared to the conventional microphone even at 1 cm scale, enabling voice recognition from a far distance. In a speaker recognition test, our voice sensor exhibited 96% accuracy rate with 62% reduction in error rate compared to commercial microphone under the noisy conditions. Furthermore, the voice signals of our acoustic sensor showed 40% improvement in the objective speech quality. Our multi-channel acoustic sensor can be applicable in the field of low power VR, AI secretary, smart home appliances, connected autonomous car, biometric authentication, and etc.

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