Neuromorphic Computing

  A memristor can comprehensively emulate the neural components rather than imitating a single characteristic superficially due to its analog and hysteretic resistive switching. Bio-plausible mimicry aims to emulate biological working mechanisms to implement the complicated functional characteristics of a neural network for artificial intelligence (AI). Bio-plausible neuromorphic device using memristor is a direct and efficient approach for the emulation of biological systems, contributing to the realization of brain-like intelligence beyond limited AI applications.

  Our research goal is to realize brain-computer interface by using artificial neural components. Synaptic plasticity and non-synaptic intrinsic plasticity work concurrently in the cognitive system of the human brain. We recently reported a neurosynaptic threshold switch-phase change memory (TS-PCM) device that emulated the intrinsic plasticity coupled with synaptic plasticity. Volatile TS and nonvolatile PCM layers were stacked in a single cell to implement neuron and synapse simultaneously. This work is based on our previous research about hybrid PCM architecture of TiW/GST/NiO/Ni to control the crystallinity of GST with self-structured Ni filaments. These remarkable achievements and advancements of bio-plausible BNN will open a new era of the brain-like intelligence of AI systems.

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